Classified Advertising is not Dead

Classified advertising is perhaps the most misunderstood and underappreciated method of gathering leads and customers these days.

In the past, print media such as newspapers and magazines are considered as great tools for marketing and advertising. It has given various businesses tremendous amount of customers and money because of classified ads. However, this lucrative marketing tool has lost its power over the recent years as advertisers have moved from regular marketing methods to online.

Thus, classified advertising on print media has vanished. Why? It is not a strange thing at all because most businesses spend their time and effort using modern marketing strategies such as search engine optimization, mobile, banner advertising, video adverting, social media and so much more.

Moreover, we have seen a huge decline in classified advertising because only a few people would bother reading classified ads. With the convenience the internet brings, there’s no need to buy a paper to look for businesses. Furthermore, classified advertising has been a brief and simple text ad on a piece of paper, whereas many online ads today use bright colors and images and use various unique styles to grab the attention of users. So between these two, it is easy to see why classified advertising are being ignored by people.

But the truth is… classified advertising is still going strong. It has also migrated online like the ones we see on Craigslist and other mobile sites. Many people just don’t know where to look or simply they chose to ignore. Majority of online classified ads are the same simple ones we see on print media but there are also some that make use of graphics and designs.

It would be huge mistake for businessmen if they consider online classified advertising is not worth pursuing. In fact, it would be a huge loss for them if they don’t consider classified ad posting website. Online classified ads appear everywhere can reach a lot of people. Classified advertising is not dead and I would bring a lot of dollars to those who would consider it.

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