Termites – Nightmare Living With Us

The dark and humid areas under your kitchen sink, under the floor or anywhere inside your house become the ideal environment for termites to start their colonies, create their mud highways up to the foundations and to other places wherein they could get wood for food.

In the country today, billions of dollars are spent every year on termite control and termite damage. Wood eating termites are often the reason why houses and properties drop their value every year as well as numerous losses in the housing industry. Furthermore, termites affect the agriculture industry in the country. As voracious eaters, termites would damage sheds, barns, fences and even agricultural products, which would also lead to numerous losses to farmers.

There are 2,000 termite species around the world and 50 of those termite species can be found in the country. 20 of those termite species fall into the category of pests and it is these species that cause substantial damage to wooden structures. They are known to invade homes and properties, wreaking havoc and damage wherever they go.

Most of the time, termites are easily deterred with the use chemicals. This is by treating the wooden materials used in construction or the existing wooden parts of the house. Although this is effective, this wood treatment does not last forever. They must be reapplied again when the time comes. If not, then termites would invade and cause unwanted damage.

Fortunately, the sophisticated social structure of termites is their huge weakness. In the social caste of termites, worker termites are the lowest member society, but they have the most important role in their society. They build and maintain the nest, take care of the young and the royalty and most of all, feed the other members of their society. The soldier, termites, young and the royalty have no capabilities to feed themselves and it is up to the workers to feed them via mouth-to-mouth. When termite baits are placed, the worker termites would feed on the bait, take them back to the colony and fed to other members of the colony, therefore spreading the poison that would help eradicate the entire colony.

However, even if the colony is killed, there’s always the likelihood of another colony to take over. This is why it is very important to have your home regularly checked by pest control service. This way, the likelihood of another termite infestation would be lessened.

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