Things Moving Companies Would Do That Would Annoy You

Sometimes, the moving company you hire would act in a way that would make it harder for you to achieve a smooth move. This is why, we listing the things moving companies would do that would annoy you and make your moving experience difficult. We will also list a few tips that will help you avoid them and ways to make your more pleasant.

Getting a quote you don’t understand

If you don’t understand the quote, then read the fine print you would receive from the movers before signing it. If you have to, you can read and reread it until you understand the quote you are receiving. You may think this is worthless, but this is an important thing to do. Furthermore, if you really want to understand your quote, you have to find out the types of moving estimates and pricing beforehand.

Unprofessional moving companies when requesting a quote or information

There’s a simple thing you should do if you happen to contact unprofessional moving companies. DON’T USE THEM! Definitely don’t hire these companies, especially if they can’t properly provide the answers you are looking for. To avoid unprofessional moving companies, you have to research them or read reviews about them.


Sometimes movers can be late because of things that are beyond their control. But if that happens, then you have to do your part in order at least save time and save your move. Partially, compensate with the delay by stacking the boxes in front of your house or help the movers when they arrive. But it would be better to find a moving company that would always come on time.

Too expensive prices

When looking for moving companies, you have to get several quotes, ask what the quotes include and compare prices. Estimates from each moving company would vary. Most would provide labor and truck with the estimate while others would provide packing, loading and unloading as well. In order to know what the estimate covers, you have to ask your moving company. Also, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money because a lot of moving companies provide discounts. You can also find a cheaper moving company if you want.

Stuff goes missing or gets damaged

You can always discuss the problem with your moving company and find a way to reach an understanding. You could file a claim against them if necessary. It would be much better if you work with a trustworthy moving company. You could also do your own packing or pay extra insurance to cover any possible damage or loss.

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