Rats ? Humans

Scientists say rats are like humans in many ways in terms of physiological, behavioral and psychological terms. However, even if that is true I can NEVER EVER accept it. We humans are superior to rats in so many ways and we are at the top of the food chain while the rats are at the bottom. We are born hunters while rats are born as pests. No matter how amazing they can be with their characteristics and traits it would be impossible for me to swallow this truth.

I would deny it.

I would close my eyes.

I would cover my ears.

I would never say anything about it… except this time only.

Damn it! I should have never read that article. It just pissed me off!

I really hate it when other people would say humans are similar to this or this. Our ancient ancestors climbed, fought and clawed out of the food chain just to stay on top. And comparing humans to rats would just be an insult to them and to humanity.

I am not saying rats do not deserve to exist. Rats have a purpose in the ecosystem. They are decomposers and serve as food to other larger animals. However, there’s a reason why we call pest control Mission Viejo to exterminate rats and that is because we don’t need rats in our lives. Sure other animals need them but not us humans. We see them as pests and nothing more. So saying rats are similar to humans would mean humans are pests well. Nope! No sire! That is not totally true!

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