Will the Fast Food Industry Change?

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I guess yes? But will it dramatically change? That I don’t know. It is not sure whether a dramatic change would come because the fast food industry is still the same as what it was before… cheap and quick meals. The only changes are nothing huge like the food, ingredients and the kind of service they provide.

But don’t you dare underestimate these minor changes because they have really changed the fast food industry for the better.

People behind the fast food industry are not stupid. They know that they are the ones blamed by medical and health expert for the exploding growth of obesity in the country. This is why they have to change their food. If not, they would be hated and lose their appeal to some of their customers.

That’s why they introduced some “healthy” items and healthy fast food. They also adjusted sugar and salty levels as well as introduced non-fried options.

This is the trend now as more and more fast food chains and restaurants are adapting to this change. Moreover, fast food taste better these days. The variety has expanded from the plain old regular burgers and hotdogs to more delectable and diverse cuisines. They also have introduced various meal packages and options. You can now even choose the ingredients you want to add for your meal. But then again, it depends on the restaurant chain if they offer this option.

In terms of service, the change is both good and bad. With the introduction of new technology and better serving practices, fast food service became faster and more fluid than before. Unfortunately, it isn’t as personable and friendly compared to before. According to my father, customer service in the past was friendlier and more courteous as to what it is today.

It is also noticeable that people working in fast food industry aren’t proud of their work compared to the past. Maybe this is because they are underpaid and underappreciated workers. Such sad fate for them.

Change is good. But in the fast food industry, we can’t really tell whether it is good or bad. The only thing is that if anything changes, we can feel it right away. After all, it is us consumers who are affected if the fast food industry changes. Maybe we should just hope that if ever this industry changes, it would change for the better.

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