People Hate To Move

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If you ask several people the question “Do you hate to move”, you would most likely hear a huge resounding YES. A lot of people hate to move, but it seems like it is difficult to pinpoint why and it is difficult to pinpoint because there are many reasons why people hate to move. These reasons are often divided into two major categories. One: it is a huge hassle. Two: it is costly.

Moving is a huge hassle. You need to prepare a lot of things when you move. You need to clean and clear out your old place. You need to organize your belongings and see which things you should get rid of and which you should bring with you. Of course, there’s also the hassle of packing and if you have a lot of items to take with you, you would spend a long time packing them carefully. You can’t just put them inside moving boxes without wrapping them up and securing them. The biggest hassle of all is to find the best moving company. And since there are many moving companies, I think it is important to get movers estimates first.

Moving is costly. You need to buy moving supplies and the more items you bring the more moving supplies you would need. You would need to buy boxes, tapes, bubble wraps etc. After that you would need to pay your movers. Depending on the company or the service you took, the cost would rise dramatically. Sometimes, you might even end up going over your budget because of other unreasonable and hidden charges. And because of this piling cost, you would surely end up hate moving.

Moving maybe a hateful thing but actually there’s no reason to hate it. Moving means a start of something new and a chance to make your life better. So if you hate moving, then this would mean you hate the chance of a better life.

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