Failure as a Med Student

I am a med student. I know how important it is to have good health. But unfortunately, as a med student I sometimes fail at this very important rule.

I can’t help it. They are just so delicious. I am talking about that big fatty and juicy steak. Those crispy fried fries dipped in mayo. How about those oh so creamy and delectable soft-served ice cream? I know that would be very hard to resist. There are also the sweet and heavenly cakes, especially those made by specialty cake shops like buttercream cakes, moist chocolate cakes, blue berry cheesecakes, strawberry shortcakes and many others. Then there’s mouthwatering oven roasted chicken, freshly baked pizza oozing with cheese and topped with a wide-variety of meat, vegetables and other toppings. Not to mention juicy burgers, hotdogs that hit the spot and an ice-cold soda that quenches your thirst.

I am pretty sure, anyone seeing a med student eating unhealthily would shake their heads. I would pretty much disappoint them by A LOT!  After all, our professors and teachers instill to us the value of eating healthy and how important it is to avoid a wide variety of illness.

Actually, I can now feel the effects of my diet. Fortunately, it didn’t come in the form of high blood pressure or diabetes. My pants are just tight and I can feel a slight layer of fat around my tummy. Sooner or later, I might end up like most Americans today but I won’t. Yes, I love those somewhat unhealthy foods but unlike many Americans, I know the term “moderation”. I never overindulge. Moreover, I also know the term “exercise”, a term many don’t know about. So if you see me eating a big juicy burger, you don’t have to worry, I know what I am doing.



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