Moving Cannot Be That Horrible With Movers

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No experience can be more horrible than moving on your own. It is tiring. It is stressful. It is daunting. Most of all, it is crazy – with the many things you need to do on a very important day such as moving, things are bound to go crazy.

I experienced moving by myself and dude it was a difficult experience. Although I had a couple of friends who came to help, it was mostly I who did all the work. They only came for the pizza and drinks. Some friends I have. It’s strange why I remain friends with them all these years…

I was so unlucky that day. I busted a nail. I scuffed my knee. My precious IKEA cabinet was damaged. I broke one leg of my bed. I dropped one box and the contents were spilled on the road. A few glasses were shattered. And I got stuck in traffic. I know moving would be difficult, but I never thought it would be that difficult. Guess I overestimated myself… by a long shot. There’s no way I could move by myself without anything going wrong. I should have hired a mover.

Indeed, things could also go wrong if you hire moving companies but the chances are slim. In fact, if you play it smart and hire a good mover (WHICH IS A MUST WHEN HIRING MOVERS) nothing would go wrong. I know things could have been a lot better if I hired a mover but I wanted to save money. Such a dumb decision. SO SO DUMB!!!

I don’t want to repeat the same mistake again. Doing so would be like taking a rock and knocking myself over it. In case I would move, which would not be long (landlord sucks!!!) I’d call a mover. Maybe one that is well known for giving good service. Can you suggest such moving company? I’d be glad to take any suggestions today.

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