My Difficulties As A Med Student

As a medical student, I find it difficult to become a doctor.shutterstock_74641645

It is difficult because the subjects are hard.

It is difficult because my professors and instructors are strict.

It is difficult because everyone is always in the mood for competition. Most students in my class find it difficult to help each other out. Usually, the only person you can trust would be yourself and only a few kind professors.

It is also difficult because we have this sexagenarian instructor who keeps hitting on female med students. I really hate him, especially his perfume and his yellow teeth.

It is difficult because the tuition fee is really expensive and I just can’t understand where my money went for the level of education is far from the money we have put into. Now I understand why many are saying that the country’s quality of education is plummeting.

keep-calm-study-hard-to-become-a-doctor-6Most of all, it is difficult because it is hard for me to balance my personal life, work and studies but I have to persevere because I want to be a doctor.

Because of my dreams of becoming a doctor I have to face every difficulties life throws at me. I don’t care if it would weaken my flesh and break my bones. I would continue as long as my spirit and dreams of becoming a doctor is alive.

And as long as I have this blog, I can use this to release all of my pent up frustrations and complains. I would use this opportunity to get back at the things I hate. I can also use this blog as stress relief, which is really an important thing to me. A medical student full of stress would not be able to do well in class you know…

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